A Bend in a Road by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review

Romance is a sort of genre that I read when I want to escape the veil of heavy and serious literature. The thing about the romance novels is that they are a very good respite from the hustle and bustle around you. And yes, that is the reason I often make my way back to some of the Nicholas Sparks books. They wind me down.

I picked up A Bend in a Road by Nicholas Sparks when I was in the midst of reading biography of Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister of India. This biography of Indira Gandhi is quite a heavy read. After some time, I felt an urge to have something light to wind down and relax the atmosphere. As a result, I picked up this thrilling romance novel ‘A Bend in a Road’ written by Nicholas Sparks. His books are great for some winding down every now and then. I am now once again has started reading the Indira Gandhi biography, and perhaps, my next review would be of that book.

A Bend in a Road by Nicholas Sparks – Book Summary

A Bend in a Road is a gripping read. It is a story of Miles Ryan and Sarah Andrews with a backdrop that is quite complex but still quite emotionally captivating. Just like every other Nicholas Sparks romance novel, this too has a well-hidden secret that could burst the bubble of the passion between the two.

Miles Ryan, the male lead of the novel, is a sheriff at the local police department. He is widowed at the age of 32. His wife Missy is killed in the hit and run case. The driver was never found. He and his son Jonah struggles to come to terms with their loss. After 2 years of struggling with grief, loneliness sets in. With this, Miles finds himself going back to the need of companion, someone to share loving words with.

The pace of the novel gets exciting with the entry of Sarah Andrews, Jonah’s second grade teacher. Sarah is new to the town of New Bern. She meets Miles because his son has trouble coping with the studies. With this arrangement, the two leads slowly falls in love. Sarah also has a secret of her own, which resulted in the collapse of her previous marriage.

However, discovery of Missy’s killer would collapse Miles & Sarah’s romance.

Miles is a sensitive and emotional young man. Someone, who does not hide his emotions and would often express his love. He is also someone with insane anger. Sarah, on the other hand, is someone with the city vibes. Glamorous, in fact. Heartbroken and vulnerable, Miles sensitivity and bashfulness reaches out to her. The attraction between the two simmers from the first meeting and results in this compelling read.

Nicholas Sparks has done a great job keeping up the suspense throughout the story. Told through the eye of driver who killed Missy, the suspense keeps you on your toes. An urge slowly sets in to discover the real identity of the killer. It was difficult to contain the shock after the revelation. There’s no denying the emotional waves that Nicholas Sparks weaves through his books. They speaks to your heat and you do become the part of the love story of Miles and Sarah. And perhaps, might also feel bad after the break up, hoping for reconciliation.

This Nicholas Sparks novel is also a story of forgiveness. I would not go into more details about this because I do run the risk of revealing the plot. But, yes I would still say that the power of forgiveness and the strength one requires to forgive others is something quite exemplary. I was surprised by the intensity of the book and freedom that comes after.

A Bend in a Road by Nicholas Sparks is quite a consuming read and if you are looking to escape your daily life, delve into it

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