A Man Called Ove By Fredrik Backman | Book Review

Every once in a while, there come along a book that captivates you. This book is just the same. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is a delightful book to read. It is funny but also deeply emotional. It’s a story about A Man Called Ove. The book is hilarious and told with an emotional intensity that slowly develops through out the book. By the end, there is no denying of the emotional undercurrents that you will experience. This book is about rediscovery and healing with grief. It is also a story about how people add colors to the life and their importance in life.

Book Summary: A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

The story is told in fragments, slowly developing the back story of Ove. These fragments often depicts those life changing circumstances and people that left a deep mark on Ove’s personality and mindset. The author chose to gradually fill up the story of A Man Called Ove which will captivate you deeper into the various emotional setbacks faced by Ove.

Ove is a quiet, grumpy man but astonishingly expressive about his views of people. He just never holds back expletives. He likes to keep everything organised and planned. Even his death is properly planned with every step to be taken after it properly written down on paper and sealed in an envelope. The newspaper subscription cancelled, all bills paid, his will properly organised as well as the future of his beloved car, everything organised properly. He even before attempts properly covers up the walls so that they wouldn’t get dirty.

Every morning he would often take a round of the block to check for burglaries or anything that is not normal, he would check the parking, the bicycle shed. The bane of his existence were the people who drives in the residential which is quite expressively prohibited. He would often hurl insults at them and to everyone who comes in between. For Ove, life is simply a series of routine and any deviation is strictly prohibited.

Ove leads a lonely existence after his wife’s death and wants to kill himself; but his every attempt awkwardly fails. Someone always disrupts him whenever he attempts to kill himself usually with some sort of problem that only Ove can solve. This disruption comes in the form of his new neighbors: Parvaneh and her family.

Parvaneh is a pregnant woman, a refugee from Iran escaping war. She quickly adepts to the behavior of Ove and often puts her foot down to stop Ove’s insulting others. Parvaneh brings not just food, kids but also lots of other vibrant humans and animals that are bound to change Ove’s existence. Her entry into Ove’s life enlivens his lonely existence. Ove gradually and but assuredly grows close to them .

Through the novel, you will roll over laughing. You will also get sentimental when deep truths of life are set straight. The novel is also about love & grief. At its soul it is about the remarkable capacity of love to transform beings and also about grief’s capacity to shatter them. This is the reason that you will, by the end, be deeply moved by the story of Ove.

Fredrik Backman has done justice to the character Ove, relaying his story in the best way possible.